11-14 January 2018

50 Years of Rallycross

Autosport 2017

Celebrate 50 years of Rallycross

Wowing crowds in the Live Action Arena

A key highlight of the Live Action Arena in 2017 was the celebration of 50 years of Rallycross. The segment include 10 classic racers, such as the Porsche 911R which won the first ever Rallycross race at Lydden Circuit in 1967 and a selection of Group B icons such as the Audi Quattro.

Present day Rallycross was also represented, with 2016 British Rallycross Champion, Dan Rook, winner of the 2016 British Rallycross Grand Prix, Liam Doran, and FIA World Rallycross Championship supercar competitor Andreas Bakkerud, making an appearance in the 3,000 seated arena.
Wowing crowds in the Live Action Arena

Rallycross legends who joined us

  • Andreas Bakkerud*
  • John Taylor
  • Kenneth Hansen
  • Dan Rook
  • Liam Doran
  • Pat Doran
  • Lance Foster
  • David Halford
  • Ray Morgan
  • Rob Gibson
  • Adam Keeler
  • Tony Bardy
  • Dermot Carnegie
  • Jordan Bowes


*Sunday 15th January, 2017 only

A roster of Rallycross icons took to the wheel in the Live Action Arena including John Taylor, former competitor. Owner of Team Peugeot Hansen Motorsport, Kenneth Hansen, was also in attendance. The Swedish driver holds multiple Rallycross records and has won an FIA European Championships for Rallycross Drivers title 14 times.



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