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Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems to celebrate successful 2017 in the Engineering Hall

08 Jan 2018

One of our regular exhibitors who have been extremely busy over the last year are Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems. They are the leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems to the motorsport industry. We caught up with founder and Managing Director Jim Morris ahead of the show next week, where they are exhibiting on Stand E185.

ASI: So how has the year been for you, Jim?

JM: In a nutshell – extremely hectic! Mainly of our own doing though, I suppose. Early in the year, we took the initiative to rationalise our range, since a lot of the new nozzle and deployment technologies we had developed for our advanced Zero 3620 range we were able to incorporate into our other systems. This gave us the opportunity to improve our entire range and offer even better protection to competitors.

ASI: So customers race in greater safety than before?

JM: Yes. We work closely with the FIA, who do a great job across the board in trying to make motorsport in all its forms as safe as can be. Sometimes people get the impression that they lack understanding of the industry’s problems, but through our work with them, we can help them frame the regs, making sure we continuously improve the safety for drivers.

ASI: This must be a costly exercise to continually update and improve your products?

JM: Yes, it is, but obviously it is imperative that we do, as this is about saving lives, and we simply cannot compromise on that.  Having said that, the team at Coventry have done an amazing job and as we have managed to incorporate these latest technologies across all our systems, we have actually reduced stock inventory, reduced production times and – a great benefit to our customers and dealers – reduced delivery times as well.  So it certainly isn’t a negative. Of course, putting all the new systems through the stringent FIA fire tests, was hard, but that’s the sort of challenge we relish at Lifeline.

ASI: If you had to name the company’s best achievement of 2017, what would that be?

JM: Obviously, there is the homologation I mentioned, which was a huge effort by everyone, but without doubt, our success at Le Mans jumps out. We had an unprecedented 75% of the entrants there specifying Lifeline products. And this comes on top of the stat that we now have better than 80% of UK motorsport competitors protected by our fire safety systems.

ASI: So what’s in store for 2018, to top that?

JM: Well, we’ve just done a deal with our German agent to open Lifeline Germany, so that we can supply and service a rapidly growing market in Germany and central Europe. We’re expecting great things from the setup there – just as we have done in north America, with Lifeline USA. The take up there in a little over a year since the company was started has been well ahead of even our best estimates and interest in the new products at PRI was very encouraging. We’re obviously hoping for the same interest when the new product range goes on show at Autosport International.

ASI: Thanks for the insight, Jim – see you on stand E185

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