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Motorsport Tech-Transfer takes a bow at Autosport International

22 Nov 2017

Autosport International is known for its extensive representation of the motorsport and automotive industries, however, the exhibitors’ influence is much wider than these sectors alone.

From defence and marine to film production and agricultural applications, the £9 billion motorsport industry transfers technology born through competition to a range of sectors worldwide and this cross-industry benefit will be showcased by a range of exhibitors at the NEC, Birmingham, in January.

ARP (stand E670) develops and produces engine and driveline fasteners, in addition to providing quality OEM replacement parts for speciality hardware. With more than 49 years’ experience, its fasteners are used in global motorsport series such as Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing, in addition to marine, aerospace and oil and gas applications. ARP also manufactures a range of bolts, studs and nuts - high strength materials that vary in strength from 170Ksi (1200MPa) to 300Ksi (2000MPa).

ProFormance Metals (stand 6515) supplies metals and plastics to the motorsport  industry, with its main line of products being steel tubes used in the construction of roll cages and chassis. The company developed its own grade of tube, ROPT510, a cold drawn seamless tube manufactured to meet MSA and FIA regulations for roll cages. It has a high level of strength but retains its formability, both of which are crucial not only in the construction process of a roll cage or chassis but also upon completion when involved in impacts and roll overs.

The ROPT510 tube started being used within just the motorsport sector but in recent years has found its way into many different industries. This is often within an application where higher strength than a "mild steel" is required but without the costs of aerospace standard steels. These include: motion picture production (stunt vehicles, camera rigs, occupant safety cells), defence (modular seating, roll over protection cells) and performing arts (circus equipment rings, stage props).

Intercomp (stand E964), which designs and manufactures weighing and measurement solutions, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. The company boasts a worldwide footprint with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Chile and Singapore and customers in many other countries around the globe. It began in serving the agricultural and industrial wheel load sector but now serves many other industries including motorsport, aviation, military, government, law enforcement, heavy industry, transportation, automotive, material handling and crane and rigging sectors.

One such product used across a multitude of industries is Intercomp’s Thermal Imager,  which the company will be displaying at Autosport International. Although primarily aimed at the motorsport and automotive industries, this tool can also be beneficial in any environment where a clear, saveable image of heat signatures given off by a particular item is required. This could be useful in a range of applications including military, aviation automotive and materials handling.

Show Director for Autosport International, Kate Woodley, said: “It’s all too easy to take a somewhat blinkered view of the motorsport industry and not see the impact and benefits it has on so many other sectors around the world. We’re pleased to welcome so many exhibitors to the show that highlight this crossover and reinforce the wider importance of technological development and advances in motorsport.”


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