10 - 13 January 2019, NEC Birmingham, UK

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  • Cylinder Heads for Lotus Twin Cam

    Cylinder Heads for Lotus Twin Cam

    Lorraine Gathercole

    Brand new cylinder head for Lotus Twin Cam engines. Early Mk1 type. From our own patternwork. Race porting available
  • CANbus Thermocouple/EGT Interface
    Providing 4 or 8 K-type thermocouple interfaces, delivering temperatures to a 0.25C accuracy over CANbus. 4 analogue outputs are also provided, as well as real-time monitoring via Bluetooth and built-in data logging. Alarm(s) are configurable with a built-in LED, and a trigger signal that can be connected to the ECU to enable limp modes if wished.
  • Carspunk wax
    Lord of waxes... Jeremy Clarkson’s great-great-great grandfather invented the Kilner Jar. This wasn’t our inspiration for choosing it as our wax holy grail but, oh boy, do we like the coincidence! Our 250ml jar of wax is a beautiful combination of form and function. The glass jar shows off the shimmer in the wax to maximum effect and the rubber seal keeps everything fresh as a daisy (or in this case a berry). Get ready for an sensory explosion each time you pop the lid! Jeremy Clarkson’s great-great-great grandfather invented the Kilner Jar, this wasn’t our inspiration for choosing it as our wax holy grail but, oh boy, do we like the coincidence! Our ProWax product produces a durable and very glossy finish, whilst also protecting all your hard work from any polishing and sealing a deep gloss shine - lighter coloured cars achieve a brighter finish with our ProWax, whilst darker cars achieve a richer shade. Did we also mention that it smells like delicious berries? Don’t blame us if you end up licking your vehicle following application…it will be clean enough to eat off, but we still don’t recommend it!
  • Calibration Services
    Range of calibration services for automotive and motorsport companies covering flow, velocity , load, speed, temperature, pressure, electrical, humidity, mass, force, vibration and air velocity
  • Component Cleanliness
    Cleaning, flushing, sampling and particle assessment services to ensure high performance coolers maintain their competitive advantage. Complete range of industry standard cleaning services inline with ISO 16232 international standard.
  • Chargecooler Calorimetric Testing
    Thermal assessment of all types of intercoolers and chargecoolers, from air/air, air/water, low temp combined coolers, and complete packaged assemblies for flow, pressure drops, efficiencies, soak down, transient response and thermal soak.
  • Caterham fuel safety cell/safety bladder
    FIA approved fuel safety cell for a Caterham
  • Crashed fuel safety cell/safety bladder
    This is one of our fuel safety cells/safety bladders after a 130mph accident. The fuel cell was forced half way across the car. The flexible composite material is just visible in the top left of the photo. No fuel was spilt! Under the Monza filler cap is a second cap that sealed the fuel. Also of note is the plate and nut-ring bent but remained sealed. We checked the cell over and it is back in the repaired car.
  • Cooper T45 fuel safety cell/safety bladder
    FIA approved fuel safety cell/safety bladder for a Cooper T45 shown with aluminium side pod.
  • Crown Wheel and Pinions
    Quaife Engineering can supply a wide range of Tran-X crown wheel and pinion ratio sets for Ford ‘English’, ‘Atlas’ and Sierra 7” and 7.5” axles in ratios from 3.14:1 to 5.86:1 to suit a variety of motorsport and fast road requirements. The Quaife / Tran-X crown wheel and pinions are precision engineered to superior than original specification from high tensile steel billets, then Manganese Phosphate coated for increased wear resistance and quality inspected to ISO9001-2008 standards. In addition to the Crown wheel and pinions range, Quaife can also provide lightweight aluminium alloy differential casings to complete the installation. These offer the twin advantages of making future crown wheel and pinion ratio changes considerably easier as well as substantially reducing overall weight compared to the standard units. Tran-X components can be supplied separately or Quaife can build complete differential assemblies incorporating the Quaife / Tran-X crown wheel and pinion set, new bearings, oil seals and gaskets. These complete units can be built with either a Quaife ATB or a Tran-X LSD differential. While Quaife / Tran-X crown wheel and pinion ratios are available to suit a wide variety of performance requirements, Quaife is keen to expand the range to suit new requirements. Please contact Quaife’s Technical Sales team for further enquiries: info@quaife.co.uk
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