10 - 13 January 2019, NEC Birmingham, UK

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  • Multi-Vehicle Insurance
    If you have more vehicles in your household than drivers, you may find yourself with endless policies and managing renewals can become a handful. Fear not, because we can arrange for one multi-vehicle insurance policy that covers them all! There’s no need to cancel existing policies or wait until they lapse to get a quote from us, as vehicles can simply be added once the cover expires, and with upfront fixed quoted prices, it means there will be no surprises when you come to add them in.
  • Modified Car Insurance
    Reis can arrange specialist motor insurance for seriously modified road cars – ideal if you attend show and shine competitions, exhibitions or specialist shows. We know that because of the passion that goes into your pride and joy and the modifications you make, you’ll take extra care when driving it. The cover we offer focuses on and supports: > Limited mileage (up to 7,500 pa) and non-commuting use > Secure storage i.e. garaged > Drivers aged over 25 years > Unlimited modifications (minimum of four) > Right and left hand drive vehicles, including Japanese imports Optional additions include agreed values, breakdown recovery from tracks and uninsured loss recovery. So, where you may have trouble getting a quotation from standard private car insurers, give us a call on 01159651050 to see if our team can help you
  • Modular Mix & Match range of EVA Foam Insert Trays
    Draper Tools is pleased to announce the launch of its biggest ever range of 52 modular mix & match EVA Foam Insert Trays, allowing you to get the tools you need quickly and easily. These trays are designed to fit both Draper Tools and Draper Expert tool chests, as well as similar tool chests from other manufacturers.
  • Motorcycle Adapter Kit
    The motorcycle adapter kit is compatible with most QuickJack lifting systems. By pushing two QuickJack frames together and attached our custom, patent-pending support axle, the lift platform can be securely fitted atop your QuickJack frames in no time.
  • Mini Expansion Unit
    Connecting via CANbus the Mini Expansion Unit, or “MEU”, extends the I/O capability of systems by adding extra analogue inputs as well as accelerometer and gyroscope channels, EGT and lambda inputs, plus a 50Hz-update rate GPS unit. It also has a full H-bridge output.
  • Moetefindt Trucks & Trailers
    Inside FTP 235
  • MBE9MD Display
    Our MBE9MD display is suitable for all engines using the current 9A range of MBE ECUs (9A4, 9A8, 9A6 & 9A9). It comes fully configured & will automatically connect to the MBE 9A4, 9A8, 9A9 & 9A6 ECUs. It is full touch screen even with race gloves on, the user will be able to reconfigure through the screen the information shown on the display, including warning parameters as well as accessing it with Easimap 6 to change more advanced information.
  • Motorsport Nut Plates and Gaskets
  • Motorsport Heat Shrink Boots
  • MBE ECUs
    We are the main distributors for MBE management systems for fuel injection, direct injection & ignition only ECUs, these systems can be used on all types of car & bike engines from 8v Vauxhall engines to Ferrari engines. Easimap software is available to download for FREE to program your MBE ECU.
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