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  • P-DEF
    P-DEF (Pyroclast® Dynamic Energy Filter) by EVO Corse is the innovative solution for the set-up of the most powerful braking systems. Pyroclast® is a new and unique material born from years of research with the collaboration of great institutions; its use on braking systems is protected by an international patent. Thanks to the exceptional insulation properties and compression strength, these plates bring incredible benefits in the racing use of the braking system.
  • EVOJAck Quadra
    EVOjack Quadra is the fast hydraulic scissor jack specifically designed for rally racing. EVOjack Quadra can be used with any racing car, thanks to the carrier member that fits the chassis without the need for the insertion hole. The removable handle allows to quickly lift the car and to safely turn the release valve; the lifting arm is inclined to the vertical in order to follow the natural movement of the car in the lifting phase, ensuring extreme stability during wheel change operations. Is is easy to place in the car trunk, thanks to its low weight – only 5 kg – and small size. Made from aircraft billet aluminum and high-strength steel, it undergoes surface treatments that increase abrasion and corrosion resistance, making it an investment that will last over time. EVOjack Quadra is a tool intended solely for racing, designed for advanced users but suitable to beginners also.
  • OFFcrk
    OFFcrk is the hydraulic jack designed for every kind of off-road racing car. The main components are machined from billet aircraft aluminum, while the adjustable aluminum foot guarantees a stable and safe hold even on stony and rough ground. The lifting pin is made from tempered high resistance steel and can be adjusted in different positions with a very simple and practical mechanism, in order to be used for any car setup. OFFcrk is a light, fast and easy to use product suitable for heavy duty.
  • EVOJack
    EVOjack is the hydraulic ultra-fast rally jack, specifically designed for the on-board equipment of the best rally cars. Its compact design, low weight and ease of use make it a unique professional product. All the critical parts of EVOjack are forged from the best steel, or CNC machined from one solid block of aeronautic aluminum alloy for guaranteed reliability. Easy and fast to operate during the crucial moment of a “in-stage” tire change, EVOjack is quick to release thanks to a fast-drop hydraulic valve. The steel pin’s height is easy to register accordingly to the car ride, and its diameter can be selected from a choice of 21, 23, 25 or 27mm pins. A pin with hexagonal shape – ideal for gravel rally – can also be installed on request. EVOjack is a professional motor-sport tool, to be used by skilled rally crews on emergency tyre changes or tyre swaps between stages.
  • EVOcrk
    EVOcrk is the quick-lift hydraulic rally jack from EVO Corse, suitable for all rally car of every category. Sharing most of its features with the top-end rally jack EVOjack, EVOcrk is made of light but strong aluminum and stainless steel parts; the adjustable technopolymer base – fitted with a rubber sole – offers maximum grip on regular tarmac or gravel surfaces. EVOcrk is a motor-sport tool that can be used also for heavy duty. The incredible balance between price and overall performance make it the best solution for all rally drivers and crews.
  • Sport  14
    Sport 14 is the perfect tarmac rally alloy wheel for small cars . The conformation of solid and semi-closed wheel protects the brake calipers from stones and always allows the correct air cooling. The light and solid design guarantees high performance both on tarmac and gravel rally. Sport 14 is available in stock for Peugeot 106 but can be machined for many other applications.
  • OlympiaCorse
    OlympiaCorse is the alloy wheel for gravel rally in light aluminum alloy, available with a strength/weight ratio at the top of its class. The design has been accurately studied in order to have the material only where necessary, removing any needless detail: technology and essentiality for maximum performance. The rim contour allows the use of the largest multi-piston brakes, easing the tire mounting. OlympiaCorse is available in 16″ size for road and light off-road use; while the 15″ version is conceived exclusively for the heaviest duty on gravel rally and allows unique lightness, thanks to its style optimized with the finite element calculation.
  • X3MAZero 13
    X3MAZero 13 is the small light alloy wheel dedicated to asphalt and suitable to historic cars of all kinds. The flexible design of the hub allows having multiple applications on the same wheel making it easily customizable and adaptable to many car models, including formula cars. The thin ribbed spokes continue until the outside edge ensuring maximum impact resistance while maintaining an extremely low weight. X3MAZero 13 is a contemporary-style racing wheel that recalls the glorious rims of the past, being perfect for historic cars also.
  • FormulaCorse
    FormulaCorse is the 13-inch aluminum alloy wheel for single seaters with lightness and strength absolutely not conventional. Experience and technology by EVO Corse have made this wheel at the same level as the best magnesium wheels on the market. The special design and the incredible weight ensure better acceleration and better cooling during braking, without compromising the properties of stiffness and strength. FormulaCorse is available for Dallara Formula 3, but deliverable on demand in many different applications, all absolutely monolock.
  • X3MAZero
    X3MAZero is the 15″ lightweight alloy wheel designed with low offset, ideal for circuit racing. Experience and technology by EVO Corse have raised the level of the rims making them more performing than magnesium wheels. The further reduced weight improves accelerating abilities while maintaining the stiffness and the strength of the product. X3MAZero is available for BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, and many other applications on demand, also for historic cars.
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