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  • X3MA
    X3MA is the 15-inch superlight alloy wheel obtained from a special low pressure casting aluminum alloy that provides extraordinary strength and lightness. The design and the incredibly low weight – less than almost 2 kg compared to the best alternative on the market – ensure better handling, acceleration and brake cooling. Equipped with steel inserts that provide maximum tightening of nuts, X3MA features a rim contour specifically designed to prevent debeading with low inflation pressure. X3MA is available for Renault Clio (both Phase 1 and Light) and Peugeot.
  • SanremoZero
    SanremoZero is the evolution of SanremoCorse: an alloy wheel dedicated to rallycross and circuit. The design with twelve paired spokes falling towards the hub allows to have a low offset and protects the wheel during the “door to door” contacts typical of rallycross. The 8 and 8,5-inch versions have the rim contour optimized for mounting professional racing tires and can host big brake calipers, while the 9-inch wide channel has been developed to give the best performances on circuit and track racing.
  • SanremoCorse 17 Gr. A
    SanremoCorse 17 Group A is the alloy wheel for winners. The spokes enhance the strength and the cooling capacity of the rim, while the contour is designed to mount also bulky brake calipers. SanremoCorse 17 Group A is 100% compatible with originally equipped magnesium wheels and is the lightest and most reliable solution for your Clio Williams approved in group A, as well as for Peugeot Kit and Saxo S1600. SanremoCorse 17 Gr. A is also available in a special version ECE approved for Mini Cooper.
  • DakarZero
    DakarZero is the low offset version of the DakarCorse: a wheel dedicated to off-road, cross-country rally and rally raid. The spokes internal to the tire edge protect the mechanical parts from stone chippings and sand, while the wide hump profile allows the use of tires with low inflation pressure that increases the car stability even in the most demanding conditions. Moreover, the powder coating in three layers provides wear resistance higher than the average and assures the good appearance of the alloy wheels, even after a probing race. DakarZero is available in 15, 16 and 17 inch and can be machined for any application.
  • DakarCorse
    DakarCorse is the most widely used and efficient proposal for heavy off- road, in all competitions and in the most extreme locations, where reliability makes the difference between victory and withdrawal. The structure of the wheel is designed for off-road and desert driving, while the lips and the rim contour are optimized for mounting off-road tires, even with low inflation pressure. DakarCorse can bear even the heaviest vehicles – with a load higher than 1500 kg per wheel in the static load testing – and complies with T1 and T2 FIA Regulation, having the minimum weight of 13 kg.
  • SanremoCorse 15
    SanremoCorse 15 is the 15-inch alloy wheel specialist for gravel rally. The rim contour is optimized for the use of WRC brake calipers and the installation of gravel tires. The spoke is solid to fully accomplish the assigned task, while the valve hole is protected to prevent damage from stone chips. The rim can be machined in lightweight version, for the use on tarmac, but it gives the best when used in heavy duty gravel rally. SanremoCorse 15 is a classic rim – available since 2004 – and has won countless races in every category, even WRC and S2000.
  • SanremoCorse
    SanremoCorse is the successful range of alloy wheels realized for tarmac rally. Its structure is primarily designed to resist heavy loads while maintaining the necessary lightness. The rim contour allows the installation of the largest brake calipers, up to the WRC measures, while the design of the lips facilitates the mounting of hard tires. SanremoCorse can be mounted on the best sports cars, and its measures can be adapted through the use of an assembly kit, composed of an aluminum hub centric ring and high resistance lug nuts or bolts. For road use, the steel inserts may be absent to allow a more flexible use of the standard nuts or bolts, without changing the assembly characteristics.
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