11-14 January 2018


Autosport 2017

Oval Racing

Forming an integral part of Autosport International this area covers all aspects of autograss, rallycross, oval racing, drag racing, road and off-road racing.

Located in Hall 10, Oval Racing takes place during the weekend days of the show only and features non-stop stage action, celebrity interviews and awards, together with new car and product launches. 

Oval Racing

Fans of exhilarating high-octane racing and high-revving engines rejoice, as one of Europe’s largest oval racing promoters, Spedeworth Motorsports, operates a host of short oval categories including BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2 and National Hot Rods, all of which are set to be present in Hall 10 over the course of the show weekend. 

There are 11 classes in the National Autograss Sport Association, with each class differing by the type of car set-up and engine size, which varies from 1,000cc Minis through to specifically designed spaceframe single-seater race craft with high-output superbike engines and even ultra-powerful V8s. The National Autograss Sport Association operates the British Autograss Series, which attracts hundreds of competitors to its meetings.


The BTRDA runs a raft of entry-level motorsport including car trials, sporting trials, autotests and autosolos and has been one of the leading promoters of grassroots motorsport for over 75 years.


“There will be an opportunity to meet with the key associations and promoters, enjoy some fantastic car displays and retail opportunities, as well as seeing some of the cars in action in the Live Action Arena..."



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