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  • ABC Telecom

    Stand: 601
    Repaired, restored and converted vintage telephones. Huge variety of different types of classic/antique telephones to complement the period feel of your house.
  • Acme Corp

    Stand: 301
    Classic Dutch bicycles are hand-built, we can have one made-up especially for you. You could be the proud owner of a unique, tailor-made vintage style bicycle.
  • Allied Biscuit

    Stand: 509
    Vintage inspired sweet treats and bakes. Perfectly packaged and available for delivery worldwide.
  • A long established family business restoring and renovating antique clocks, recently restoring a clock and barometer for two Royal Households as well as numerous museums.
  • Atlantic Northern

    Stand: 405,406
    We are a specialist supplier of vintage and surplus aircraft parts and components for collectors. We understand the desire to own a piece of aviation history, we can make that desire a reality.
  • Specialising in the care of classic and retro vehicles, we also provide the highest quality car care chemicals, car wash accessories, equipment and most importantly knowledge.
  • Barrytron

    Stand: 513
    Along with classic vintage instruments, we handle many guitars that fall into the category of extremely rare and bizarre. Barrytron provides unique private show room experience.
  • Blammo

    Stand: 310
    Blast from the past! A collection of vintage style toys, action figures and traditional toys for children and adults alike.
  • Bluth Company

    Stand: 308
    Specialising in rare and vintage cameras, lenses and accessories. We offer you an exceptional range of high quality classic cameras and products.
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