The Product Showcase Awards

The Product Showcase Awards at Autosport International grants exhibitors with an exceptional opportunity to introduce their latest innovations to industry buyers and media.  

The Showcase Awards are dedicated torecognising outstanding achievements in the development of products being presented at the show. There are 9 award categories in which products will be judged.  Each category will have one winner and two runners-up, and all entries will be judged by an expert panel. A company may enter as many eligible products in each category as it wants and is eligible to win awards in more than one category.

The Categories

For products in any function of motorsport that show a clear and technical advancement in its type, or provide better solutions that meet new requirements or existing needs in motorsport.

2019 winner: Bcomp (Power ribs)


A component or composite that is lighter than others in its field with equal or greater capability than industry standard.

2019 winner: Evo Corse (Evo Jack)

Energy Efficiency
A product that helps reduce the amount of energy required in motorsport applications whilst maintaining or improving the performance.

2019 winner: Bosch Motorsport (Electric Coolant)

Cross-Industry Application 
A product or service that can be applied to multiple industries aside from motorsport, for example, military, marine or aerospace.

2019 winner: Aero Tec (FIA FT5 Safety)

Vehicle Performance Tuning
Aimed at products that are for fast road performance or tuning applications that enhance a road vehicles capability beyond the OEM's. This is non motorsport applications.

2019 winner: HP Tuners (MPV12)


Manufacturing & Fabrication
For innovative products, techniques or machinery that help aide the manufacturing & fabrication process by saving on wastage and improving production efficiency.

2019 winner: Motordrive Seats (MD20 FIA8862 seat)


Data & Measurement 
Services or products that measure performance, identify areas of improvement and give valuable data on current vehicle dynamics or improve the communication of data and data analysis.

2019 winner: Texense (Texense IRN8-WS4)

Products that lead the way in motorsport safety in the control of recognized hazards to reduce the level of risk to motorsport participants and the general public.

2019 winner: Bosch (ABS M5 Kit)

For onboard electronic vehicle devices and systems that are key to running and maintaining a vehicles capabilities under strenuous motorsport conditions.

2019 winner: Cartek (Speed Marshall)


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