1.6 Ford Sigma Performance Engine Upgrades


Our range of performance upgrades for the Ford 1.6 Sigma engine present the perfect balance of exhilaration and reliability for Caterham and other lightweight sportscar owners. Each package has been designed to improve the overall driving experience of the Sigma engine whilst giving the peace of mind that comes with reliability, durability and value for money. Premier Power’s upgrade packages are aimed at a wide range of users, whether your car is poised for road or race track. We have conducted extensive research into what drivers are looking for from the Sigma. Each upgrade package is the culmination of our exhaustive research and development program, including comprehensive engine dyno test work, rolling road testing and on road driving using our own rolling test bed – The Premier Power Caterham Superlight. Our unrivalled standards of workmanship and attention to detail ensure consistent engine performance and fantastic drivability compared to the standard Sigma engine. Each installation is carried out by us at our custom built workshop to guarantee performance continuity and customer peace of mind. We perform the complete conversion upgrade including a comprehensive set up to ensure you get the very best from our products. Initially we start each conversion by checking the condition of your engine - carrying out a full health check. This follows our strict and demanding performance test procedure, identical to that which we carry out on all our full race engines both as they return and before they leave us. During each build we accurately measure and log all relevant dimension and set up data to ensure the new engine is set up precisely as our reference engines. This data log also provides a valuable reference document. All cams are accurately set up to our exacting standards using precise measuring equipment to ensure they are within a 0.05mm tolerance. For the F155 and F175 conversions we upgrade several of the cylinder head components whilst carrying out a complete cylinder head overhaul. Being a highly modified, precision performance engine the F200 conversion not only requires a comprehensive cylinder head overhaul but also the upgrade of several bottom end components in order to enable it to handle the considerable extra power. In addition precision machining work is also carried out on the bottom end to improve engine durability and reliability. All engines are then meticulously assembled and accurately set up in accordance with strict Premier Power procedure before being carefully reinstalled. Each upgrade features not only meticulous mechanical modification to the engine and components but also precise engine management enhancements to optimise its performance. The standard ECU supplied by Caterham is locked, so a new optimised MBE ECU is supplied with each standard upgrade which connects directly into the Caterham engine wiring loom. For future upgrades we can re-programme this ECU. Premier Power also offer motorsport standard Life Racing ECUs featuring built in data loggers and features including traction control, launch control and engine protection systems.