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The PROIII EVO is the outcome of Alfano's experiences spread over more than 20 years, both over the technology and over the reliability. It is the strongest device among what is actually present and available now on market. As a basic unit you have the ability to recall data from your sessions with Low and High Revs and all the info you would expect to see from a dash unit. Or go for a more advanced version with all the bells and whistles. See below what it can do. In basic set up with this PROIII EVO it comes with the Display Head, RPM lead with clip and the Magnetic lap timing pick up sensor. This gives you: Display and Record Engine RPM: The choice between the magnetic sensor or the Infrared sensor for the times management. 11 configurable LED warning lights for the RPM and when fitted the temperature T1 and T2, Lambda The possibility of receiving a speed sensor without adding extra box, so allowing to obtain with precision the speed and to show the reports of gearbox The opportunity to add 2 temperature sensors simultaneously The possibility of adding a speed sensor without adding extra box, so allowing to obtain the wheel speed combined with RPM will display the gear you are in. (Cars, Bikes and Gearbox Karts) A black input socket allowing, according to your choice, to: Connect a USB interface for the data download by cable which will also allow to update your PROIII EVO with our future FREE firmware updates. Plug a Module GPS1i / GPS4i / GPS4Vi - See below Plug and Play extensions: The PROIII EVO can receive 3 types of Modules: See below. The Apps give most functions but for the best data analysis function, a Laptop or PC using FREE Visualdata 2 software is the best option. Technical details: Timing to the hundredth of second on the dash 1 input for magnetic or infrared timing 1 connection for the engine revs (RPM) 1 input for temperature Possibility of a second additional temperature on the same input (with optional article A2190) Possibility to plug a speed sensor (with optional article A2192 or A2193) Memorization of the data until 10Hz Record running time of 5 different engines "engine time" 11 Options of dash display for the driver from Basic and Advance. Completely integrated analysis menu (maximum, minimum, graphs, best times, better partials, etc.) Complete setting menu (Peak, 3 pilots, alarms, different settings, etc…) Backlight that can be off / on or adjustable brightness 6 available integrated languages 9 LEDs : RPM/Temperature/ (or Lambda with Module GPS4 GPSVi) 2 LEDs for temperatures alarms 1 input for USB connection (article A4220) to download the data, manage tracks or update the PROIII EVO Ability to update the device with the latest firmware (new race displays and other updates) Hermetic to water projections (IP56) Display (mm/pixels): 75x45 / 160x94 Dimensions 133.5 x 90 x 28mm Weight 434gr 3 power supply possibilities: 2 batteries AA (supplied) or Optional external power supply with article A4004 or A4005 Cost £218.31 + VAT

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