AutoPod Temporary Garage

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* Double Skin to prevent moisture ingress. * Optional 12v Fan Kit to help air circulation & prevent condensation. * Main access door for easy access. * Modern tent fabric for improved waterproofing. * Dimensions, Outer tent of 6.5m x 3.0m + guy lines. Height is 2.5m to peak. * Inner tent 5.5m x 2.5m . The second generation of Autopod car storage system, improved design and now double skinned for the same original price!! There is never enough space in the garage for all the toys. The AutoPod is a fully enclosed shelter with a tough PVC floor which is resistant to all vehicle fluids and moisture rising from the ground. The outer and inner canopies are modern lightweight tent fabrics which are weather resistant and UV protective. The gap between the two layers forms a vapour barrier to stop condensation forming inside the tent. There is an optional fan kit to improve air circulation to reduce the moisture content to stop any condensation and improve air circulation. The steel pole frame is simple & easy to construct and with supporting guy lines will withstand just about all weathers. If exposed to snow it needs to be brushed from the roof area as this will place extreme pressure on the material.


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