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Every 1.5 seconds a smart or Mercedes-Benz of car2go is in use somewhere in the world. And this is as easy as can be: A free vehicle can be spontaneously rented with the smartphone, without any stress or high costs. After the end of the journey, the car is parked at any location within the appropriate district. The customer only pays for the duration of the journey - to-the-minute. car2go is an important pillar in the Daimler mobility strategy. The world's leading provider of free-floating carsharing now operates in 25 locations in eight countries on three continents. Today, more than 2.6 million customers can access the fleet of more than 14,000 vehicles of the smart and Mercedes-Benz brands. As is already standard practice in China and North America, new customers in Europe have also been able to complete the car2go registration process online directly via the app or website since the middle of 2017. The decisive advantage: After the online registration, they no longer have to go in person to a car2go contact point and show their driver's license and identity card. Because only after validation are they entitled to use a car2go vehicle. And this is how easy it is: The online registration is carried out on the car2go app or website. After entering the personal data and payment information, the customer is asked for a photo of him/herself and his/her driver's license. After a security check, during which the consistency of the data is checked, an email confirms the successful validation. This means that the customer is immediately entitled to rent a vehicle from car2go. The personal contact points are still available for those who prefer the classical validation method.


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