Coat Pistons

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Modern pistons in competition engines are usually tough and reliable components but any improvement can give immediate gains in terms of power output and/or engine durability. Problems encountered and Camcoat's solution can be summarised as follows: -Detonation damage to the piston crown shown as pin holes or worse. Camcoat apply cermet piston coatings to the crown to increase the surface hardness. -Ring groove wear resulting in increased blowby and reduced power. Camcoat's DiamonDyze ceramic anodising improves wear resistance even better than hard anodising. -Excessive friction between ring skirts and bore leading to seizure. Camcoat have a range of high pressure lubricant piston coatings to reduce friction and prevent galling. -Excessive build-up of heat in the metal leading to differential expansions and seizure. Camcoat have a unique heat dissipating coating to transfer heat from the metal to the oil where it is easier to manage. -Excessive piston to cylinder bore clearance due to wear or mis-machining. Camcoat can build up the diameter of the piston by up to 100 microns.