Dynotech 2WD

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On a Dynotech 2WD dyno you can tune -Rear wheel drive vehicle -Front wheel drive vehicles -Motorbikes* Retarder Options -Single -Twin Power Capabilities -Single Measures power from 1HP (0.75kW) up to 900KW (1200HP), Twin measures up to 1800KW (2400HP) -Measures axle torque up to 6250 Nm -Max speed 250 km/h Features and benefits -Steady State graphing -Command RPM Dynotech user friendly windows based software-Auto saves your data, no need for you to manually save. -Auto Weather Station automatically compensates for temperature, pressure, humidity variations. -OBD II Kit can stream data from ECU into Dynotech software -Get the optional mobility wheel kit to make your dyno portable, so you can move it around your workshop or take it out for mobile dyno tuning -Smaller size allows convenience of positioning in both smaller workshops and home garage -Unique DD knurling- Our knurling process makes sure that our rollers are non-aggressive on tyres and closely mimic the road experience -Our software has been designed by our own experienced software engineers in our Melbourne Manufacturing Facility- no joint ventures! We own it, we service it and we constantly work to enhance and improve our firmware and our software -All our Dynos are modular upgradable. Your dyno will never be out of date -Our dynos are designed, developed, engineered manufactured and assembled by our highly skilled team in our factory in Melbourne Manufacturing Facility, Victoria, Australia