Flatshifter Blip System (clutchless down shift system)

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The Flatshifter ‘Blip’ is a stand alone clutchless downshift (rev matching) ONLY system that is based on the race-proven Flatshifter Expert clutchless up & down gear shifting system and is intended for use with vehicles that already have an ECU based ignition or fuel cut up-shifting functions, or do not want to use a clutchless up-shift system. The ‘Blip’ system literally blips the throttle for you when downshifting using exactly the right amount at exactly the right moment (every time) using a unique patented rev matching system, no more very difficult heel & toeing required. Works with engine management systems such as Power Commanders and all types of OEM and aftermarket engine ECU’s and quick-shifter systems. The Blip system features a patented engine vacuum powered and self regulated throttle blipper with a graduated lockable blip level adjustment. Please click on video link below to see video of blip kit in action, only takes about 30 seconds but well worth the wait.