Ford Escort Cosworth Moulded Rally Mudflaps

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Mudflaps for Ford Cosworth and WRC Professional Rally Car Mudflaps manufactured from high-performance polyurethane KAYLAN Buy your Ford Escort Cosworth Rally Mud flaps direct from the manufacturer. High Performance moulded rally mudflaps made from KAYLAN for Ford Escort Cosworth. All of our rally mudflaps meet WRC/FIA & MSA compliancy. Nothing endures the punishment received by the underside of a World Rally car better than KAYLAN. The high grade polyurethane protection is resistant to both pounding impact and cutting abrasion, our special elastomers are purpose-built to withstand repeated flexing, extreme abrasion, and just about anything else that a forest or gravel track might throw at it. Plus its extremely resistance to oils and greases which makes it the perfect material for use around high performance engines.