Front Waterproof Car Seat Covers Semi Tailored Fit



Our semi tailored front waterproof car seat covers, are made by Town and Country Seat Covers and are very hard wearing and excellent value for money. These high specification, semi tailored seat covers are made from a thick Waterproof Polyester material which is soft and pliable to the touch, yet extremely hard wearing. These seat covers are also snag proof from dog claws, stain resistant and are machine washable at 40 degrees. The main key benefit of these seat covers is that they are cool in the summer and will not cause sweating, unlike cheaper Nylon car seat covers. These waterproof front seat covers are neatly designed and cut, and feature Lycra panels around the seams and headrests to provide a nice semi tailored fit to your car. This facility means these seat covers stretch to fit, and are suitable for most car models including MPV, SUV and 4x4 cars, including Volvo XC90, and Range Rover Sport which have larger than standard front seats. The seat covers are equally suitable on smaller cars including the Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta. The seat covers are fitted with neat velcro seams down both sides to accommodate front arm rests and side airbag systems. The bottom of the seat cover is cut away to fit around the seat belt buckle and side seat controls.