GM Billet Gerotor Wet Sump Oil Pump

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This pump was designed (patent pending) to fit a stock oil pan without modifications. In doing so, the customer does not have the added expense with the pan manufacturer. The pump pickup is separate from the housing cover. The housing cover contains the gerotor gears in the main housing. All pumps include a thrust bearing and axle bearings supporting the main shaft. With this design the main pump can be incorporated into drag racing, circle track racing and boat racing. The design makes changing pan depths easy and less expensive. The gerotor gears and passage ways were computer designed, we have incorporated a 40-degree passage to the inlet port for the dual feed to the gear set. This improves the flow characteristic of the oil that flows through the pump at high rpm's. Center Point's inner gerotor gear is a slip fit over the main drive shaft with snap rings on both sides of the gear containing its position. Standard gears are normally hydraulically pressed over the shaft. Its design makes replacement of the gear on the shaft less time consuming, thus reducing the cost of parts and labor. Housings and housing covers are machined from 7050 aluminum and are type 3 hard anodized. The pump pickups are machined from 6061 aluminum. With the racer in mind, we strive to manufacture a wet sump billet oil pump that is durable and cost effective.