Half Day Rally Driving

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Drive our half day Experience. An ideal course for those looking for a half day rally driving session or just for a bit of fun. The half-day rally driving course will provide you with a real feel for rally driving at speed in our high powered rage buggy. This is the one place you can have a top end Rage Buggy experience and half day rally driving experience. With us you will receive the best in race tuition You will be shown through the basics of racing and car control and have a chance to demonstrate the driving experiences you have learnt with timed laps. Half day rally driving courses will start with a tea or coffee accompanied by a safety briefing and a talk on the basic principles of rally driving before your rally driving experience day commences. The 2015 course allows you to drive the fastest Rage Buggys made which go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. These Vehicles can accelerate from 0-60 in under 4 seconds just like a World Rally Car. We really are the fastest Rally experience in the UK The half day includes: – Drift school tuition, racing lines and racing principle application in our 120bhp/tonne training cars – Rage Buggy High Speed Lapping and Tuition in the 300bhp/tonne Rage Buggys – Scored laps for the Gymkhana shoot out – High Speed passenger Ride with the British Rallycross Champion