HORNE tire heating blankets

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The well-known Horne electric blankets are available in two versions. Both versions can be delivered in red, blue or black and for all tire sizes. When ordering, please specify tire circumference, tire width and color. Standard version: In this version, the temperature control of the electric blankets and / or heating rings is fixed. Within about 30 minutes, a temperature of 80 ° C is reached. This version does not require a control unit. Electric blankets and rings have a 220 V connection cable. Thermocontrol version: With the Thermocontrol version, the temperature control for the tire heater blankets and the optimum tire heating rings is taken over by a control unit. This regulates precisely the heating to the target temperature, which can be set separately for each heating blanket and each heating ring. A touch screen, via which the operation is carried out, informs clearly about the current temperature values, the target values, as well as the heating times. The Thermocontrol electric blankets use a control unit with connections for 4 electric blankets. The combi package with electric blankets and rings is supplied with a thermo control combi control unit, which has 4 outputs for the electric blankets and 4 outputs for the heating rings.