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Go Kart like never before with our brand new fleet of awesome RiMO adults & kids karts. Brand new for 2017 we are proud to announce the arrival of our new karts and for the first time at Capital we now offer go karting from 7+ years of age (125+ cm height). Used at prestigious racing tracks around the world, including the Michael and Ralf Schumacher tracks in Germany, they simply provide the best go kart experience available. Selected for their power, performance and speed, our go karts will enable you to experience that authentic racing feeling as you fly around our huge 1050m track. Featuring powerful Honda LPG race tuned 270cc engines (adults) that give you maximum power and torque accompanied with a smooth and responsive handling, we are confident you will enjoy driving experience with us, check our reviews to see what others are saying. With over 30 adult karts and 20 kids karts in our fleet we can cater to groups of any age or size, whether you are racing with family and friends or looking to bond your workforce together we have the karts and track to match your requirements. -Powerful 270cc Honda Engines -Race tuned to 11hp -Stunning Design & Styling -Adjustable Seats & Pedals -Comfortable Seating Position -Speeds in excess of 45mph! -Strong & Safe Racing Chassis -Hydraulic Performance Disc Brakes -Manufactured in Germany -Fastest indoor karts available.