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The Magnetic Grabber® is a vehicle exhaust removal device (patent pending) that through a conical design, integrated magnets and center self-alignment, provides very quick, easy and controlled connection and disconnection to a vehicle’s exhaust system. This nozzle is used mainly in areas were the vehicle is moving through an enclosed space, like fire stations.The Magnetic Grabber won the red dot product design award 2011. The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is the world’s largest and most distinguished design competition. Easy to operate - “Click and Seal” The conical design makes attaching the Magnetic Grabber® to the vehicle extremely user friendly. At the sound of a clear “click” you know you have a correctly “sealed” connection of the system to the vehicle, minimizing the danger of diesel exhaust emissions in the station. The strategically positioned magnets ensure a good connection to the vehicle, as well as a controlled automatic disconnect when the vehicle exits the station. Magnetic Grabber® Black Armour The Magnetic Grabber® Black Armour is a durable Magnetic Grabber® that is resilient to the most extreme and aggressive winter road treatment chemicals. Due to the highly durable coating, it will increase system life and therefore reduce the total cost of ownership. The Magnetic Grabber® BlackArmour has the same proven concept functionality “click and seal”- nozzle and is added onto the existing product portfolio. Advantages of the Magnetic Grabber® Black Armour: -High corrosion resistance -High abrasion resistance against mechanical damage -Galvanic isolated Plymovent source capture systems The Magnetic Grabber® can be connected to the product range of fans and control equipment of Plymovent. A Plymovent system enables you to get fully automatic control of your products in the most efficient way, saving you money and bringing you clean air at work.


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