MSC Apex Modeller

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MSC Apex Modeller is an easy to use and easy to learn graphical environment for preparing geometry and meshing for Finite Element Analysis. MSC Apex allows the import of many common CAD and neutral geometry formats and exports in the near universal bdf/dat format readable by most other FEA pre-processors. Intuitive interface MSC Apex Modeller has an intuitive interface and many operations can be performed by simply grabbing an entity with the mouse and moving it into place. There is a powerful set of tools too for eliminating or adjusting common features such as holes, fillets and chamfers. Powerful mid-plane modelling For thin-walled structures where a shell mesh is the best representation of the geometry MSC Apex Modeller has powerful tools for extracting a mid-plane and assigning thickness and offsets to the resulting mesh. If you waste hours and days each year on preparing geometry for your FEA process and would like to see what MSC Apex could do for your process we can support you with a free no-obligation trial on your own geometry. To request an evaluation licence please complete the form below or call Lynsey Watts on 01993 885114.