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Oval kart racing is the largest segment of the industry. Oval racing is family based, close competition available in all parts of the country. Racers can choose between dirt and pavement racing at a facility close to home which reduces travel time and expense. Most oval karts use 4 cycle engines that maximize track time and reduce work. ID #: KIT 1171-B Price: $2,800.00 PKG - American made TS Ninja chassis - Fully adjustable spindles: - Caster, Camber & Wheel height - Weight tabs - Ackerman Steering - Black powder coated frame - Open top steering wheel - Wolf plate brake shield - Yellow 4 cycle engine - Engine clutch - Complete throttle package - Full offset body with bolt kit - Driver bubble shield and mount - Douglas Q-plus machined wheels - Maxxis EL tire set - Complete drive system - Cool Power engine oil