Pedal position monitoring sensors

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In racecar applications, pedal position sensors are used to monitor throttle and brake pedal movement or, in 'drive by wire' applications, operate the throttle via an electronically controlled actuation system. The sensor can be either rotary or linear in operation and is mounted with the operating shaft connected to the pedal. As the pedal is depressed, the movement of the sensor provides an accurate proportional voltage signal to the ECU or data logger. In a 'drive by wire' system the throttle pedal sensor controls the fuel flow into the engine and is usually duplex (dual output signal) in design for control signal redundancy. Drive by wire throttle systems have less moving parts (reduced weight) and provide increased responsiveness through the rev-range of the engine. Pedal position monitoring is also of great benefit in driver development programmes. Active Sensors offer a number of 'motorsport ready' sensor solutions for pedal position monitoring. For bespoke applications we offer a comprehensive design, manufacture and speedy delivery service to satisfy the fast paced engineering developments associated with international motorsport.