Pace Products are researched and developed in house, ensuring we have total control of design, development and their performance. Pace manufacturer the largest range of dry sumps & oil pumps in the world with a product offering that is second to none. We supply oil pumps to satisfy almost any installation. From the dry sumping of pre-war classic sports cars to modern day Le-Mans cars, fast road cars to Touring cars, Formula Ford to Formula 1. We have dry sumped some of the world’s fastest drag motorcycles and off shore power boats –the list is endless. We also fabricate a range of ‘easy clean’ oil tanks (so called because they can be stripped apart in a matter of minutes to clean and inspect.) These alloy tanks are designed to alleviate oil surge and are very efficient when it comes to de-aireating oil. Pace can also provide custom dry sump oil pumps and oil tanks designed and manufactured to exact requirements, so whatever you need – Pace deliver ‘The Ultimate in Fluid Technology’.