Radiator Cores

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Radiator cores are available in 16mm, 22mm, 26mm, 32mm and 40mm. Combinations of 2 types or more is possible to achieve the depth of core you require. For example 2x26=52. 2x32=64.1x26&1x32=58 and more. They are available any tube length up to a max 1.1metres. Width 1metre max. Any core that is required larger than this is possible by joining cores together. Standard fin pitch per inch is 17. The fins are made using NISSENS double folded technology. This ensures better performance and supreme durability. This is an advantage when working in certain conditions where radiator cores are prone to damage from airborne particles such as dust, flying insects and gravel. Because of this technology the cores can be "power or jet washed" to clean them and remove any foreign objects that may have become trapped in the fin surface. This allows for a longer life and durability of the radiators so giving more value for money. If required they can be curved and shaped as you might need for a particular application. This can also be done with a "wet box" where part of the core is removed but the tubes stay "live" to pass fluids. Curves can be achieved in 16mm, 22mm, 26m, 32mm and 40mm thick radiator cores. All are suitable for use on motorcycles of high performance. Oil coolers and intercoolers can be curved as well. These combinations of curved and shaped allow for maximum use of open core area when fitting cooling units in awkward spaces.