Shock Absorber Dynamometer BTP 99

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Designed with the race engineer in mind, this latest bench top portable dynamometer from SPA has a host of updated features for both ease of use and transportation. It now offers the engineer a conveniently accessible test facility at both track-side and workshop. This machine is equipped with a Windows based software package specifically developed by SPA to run on IBM compatible PC or lap top computer. Stored in its optional shockproof flight case complete with computer and printer, the SPA bench top dynamometer now offers the engineer a new dimension in shock absorber data acquisition. Dynamometer Hardware Features: CNC machined hard anodised aluminium chassis 2.2 k.w. geared electric motor with option of manual or computer operated speed control Direct drive scotch yoke system Adjustable stroke 1/2" to 1.0" Optional metric stroke Variable shaft speed 1/4" to 10.0" per sec. Optional shock proof flight case Machine weight 65 kg. Data Acquisition Hardware: 3300lbs force load cell Velocity transducer Displacement transducer Stroke speed sensor Thermocouple temperature transducer Variable sample rate to 10000hz Optional computer, monitor and printer package.