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Our various Skid Control Control Course options are a unique opportunity to have fun whilst offering the opportunity to develop possible accident prevention skills. Using our BMW Saloon Skid Car we can create any road conditions to test your skills to the limit. The courses are available 12 months of the year.Working with our expert Instructors the correct Skid Control skills can be developed at a pace to suit your abilities. The object of the Skid Control Course is to teach instinctive responses to any loss of control situation thereby improving your ability to stay in control during not only the winter ice and snow, but also in wet or damp conditions. Advanced Car Control Courses and Corporate Team Building Events are also available as a progression from the Skid Control Course. Skid Control Winter Driving Course This Course is uniquely designed for you to experience the driving conditions encountered in the Winter ice and snow whilst undergoing tuition to learn new, potentially life saving skills. The Course is a mixture of theory and hands on driving and covers every aspect of driving in slippery conditions. The finale of the course is a timed slalom event which is a fantastic opportunity to test and hone your new skills in a safe environment. Each participant on the Course receives a “Certificate of Competency”