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Ultra high accuracy digital RPM readout: Unique intelligent SmartMax RPM Telltale records maximum "On Power" RPM Simply fitted into any type of vehicle - requiring no drilling, cutting or fabrication Supplied with professional ready wired loom featuring high quality positive lock connectors Simple "no hassle" 3 wire hook up Optional Satelite LED Module (upgrades system to SureShift 2 specification) Suitable for all negative earth conventional and MSD ignition systems, and 2 & 4 strokeengines. SmartMax is an intelligent peak RPM Tell-tale that only records the "On Power" maximum RPM. This means that high RPM readings caused - for example by wheel spin, a down shift or a missed gear - are ignored. The SmartMax Tell-Tale works by only recording a maximum RPM value if the RPM has remained above that value for a pre-set number of engine cycles. The number of engine cycles is user programmable so the user can set up the system to suit specific requirements. The system also records the absolute Peak RPM so events such as a missed gear are caught and automatically saves the last 4 SmartMax and Peak RPM Telltale values.