Suspension arms

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Due to the lowering of the suspension, the caster (steering inclination) of the front arms needs to be changed, otherwise the steering will be very stiff. This is accomplished by cutting the end off the front suspension arms where the hub attaches, and re-welding it back on at a different angle. At the same time, some camber is usually added. Most people at this point add the ‘belgian arm’ modification, which is an additional strenghening member which attaches the top part of the hub to the arm. Often another suspension arm cut in half is used for this member, coupled with a spherical joint or similar. Arms can also be strengthened, and this is usually a good idea for the rear arms, which have to be bent by considerable force to get additional camber into them. Cutting and re-welding of the arms is usually regarded as a bit of a specialist job due to the accuracy involved, and there are teams which will do this for you. The Belgian arm modification can be a DIY process, but your welding should be up to a high standard!