Video VBOX Pro | 10 or 20Hz

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Video VBOX Pro combines a powerful GPS data logger with a high quality multi-camera video recorder and real-time graphics engine. Taking up to four waterproof cameras and combining them with a customisable graphical overlay, Video VBOX Pro streams video onto a flash card or USB stick as a DVD quality MPEG-4 file. A choice of either 10Hz or 20Hz GPS engines provides parameters such as track position, lap timing, speed (accurate to ±0.1km/h) and acceleration. The optional 32-channel CAN interface retrieves vehicle data such as throttle angle, RPM, and brake pressure. - Built-in 10Hz or 20Hz GPS engine - 4 camera inputs - 580L and 420L bullet cameras - 8 CAN channels (upgrade for 32 channels available) - USB / SD card logging and USB 2.0 interface - Stereo Audio recording - MPEG4 encoding – approx 2GB per hour DVD quality, PAL or NTSC format - Customization real-time graphics, including gauges, bar graphs, circuit plots and text - Internal battery: keeps logging even when power lost for up to 10 s - Compatible with Racelogic input modules to log RPM and analogue inputs