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Our purpose designed gearbox played a large part in achieving the weight distribution and aerodynamic targets we wanted. This was a very innovative step since no other Formula 3 car manufacturer has produced an in-house gearbox for 20 years. The design of the gearbox has been undertaken here, at Ralt, and it features a lightweight, super stiff, ultra small casing fitted with purpose designed 10mm wide gears. A small, light weight limited slip differential unit has been incorporated with 130mm diameter crown wheel, again specifically designed for this application. Driveshafts are horizontal so there is no power loss through the normally acute angled tripod joints associated with a normal F3 installation. The overall length of the gearbox is some 200mm shorter than a conventional Hewland Dallara unit. This in turn has put the weight further forward towards the centre of the car for improved weight distribution and handling. All hubs, dog rings and selectors are on the primary shaft, keeping the weight low down. Fifth and sixth gears are overdriven so that a wide range of ratios are available for the perfect top speed - engine rpm match. The gear change is sequential and an oil pump is fitted as standard. The more compact gearbox has enabled us to create a very efficient diffuser, significantly improving the under car air flow.