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A complete three-dimensional suspension kinematic program. Provides analysis of double A-Arm, MacPherson strut, Five-Link independent and assorted solid rear-axle suspensions. WinGeo allows you to specify all the parameters that control a suspension, and examine the effects on roll centers, instantaneous centers, scrub radius, cambers, etc as you move the suspension through combinations of ride height, roll, and steering input. Plus specify and existing upright r chassis pickup points and have the software determine what needs to move to give you the desired roll centers, etc. Each CD is customized by the developer for the specific end-user. Advanced Version 4.02 for Windows 95/96, 2000, NT and XP, $495. Upgrades for existing 3.05 or 3.06 customers, $95; earlier versions of WinGeo, $190. Racing by the numbers programs will not run on 64-bit computers, only 32-bit. And for the ultimate understanding, WinGeo has been integrated with actual data from your data acquisition system. It will draw a track map and animate the suspension movement as the car traverses the track. You can also point to anywhere on the track and examine the suspension movement at that location. The Premier/Data version is $1,895.