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Our specialist area is race tuning Ferraris, and Ferrari race preparation, we have been building, modifying and preparing Ferraris for racing with great success for the last twenty five years, with four Championship wins and numerous race wins for our customers in cars designed, built, and prepared by us. And a whole raft of performance parts for Ferraris are now available from us. But not just Ferraris... all makes of race cars are catered for here, we have had many marques through our workshops; Aston Martin, AC Cobra, Ford GT40, Porsche, Saleen Mustang, RSW Evo V8 & V6, Radical, BMW, Mercedes, McLaren F1, the list goes on. Our key skills lie in two main areas; Firstly: Race engine development and race engine rebuilds, cylinder head gas flow improvements, fuel injection mapping and optimisation. Engine component design to increase reliability, and increase performance. We can supply and build race engines for most categories that are the most powerful and reliable in their class. Our particular mantra is developing engines with wide torque bands which massively improve driveability and ultimately reduce lap times by large chunks. Our cylinder head designs will not be beaten for air flow, and our airflow development is second to none. We have developed a number of airflow techniques over many years of research, and we now employ these techniques to give clients the best flowing heads available anywhere. And Secondly: Suspension modification, suspension design, suspension development, tuning of suspension systems and components to improve handling, corner speed, reduce lap times, and providing the driver with the right tools for the job of winning races. This second string to our bow is suspension development, we will make your race car handle and perform to the best of it capabilities by optimising all its suspension systems parameters. We start with the tyres and always try to give the tyres the inputs that they like; this will always get the best grip out of the tyres and can only lead to the highest lateral acceleration and therefore the fastest lap times. How do we do that? 30 years experience helps, but we also use some of the latest 3D suspension analysis software to speed up the sums and get answers quickly. The design of a client’s race car will be entered into a number of software systems and many iterations of design change can quickly be run through until an optimum setting is found. Of course knowing what makes any setup the optimum one is where the 30 years experience comes in... This all comes together on track with our Race Engineering Service. With trackside support available worldwide, we will work with our client’s team, driver and mechanics, or run the whole thing for you and provide all the staff and logistics to support your racing aspirations. We are experienced in test day procedure, tuning car setup in response to driver input, and even helping drivers understand how to help us adjust the car for best lap times, great balance and lower driver stress. On race day we will look after all the Engineering, making changes to suit the changing conditions and fluid nature of any race day. Of course we can give you a great handling car with your existing engine package, or we can give you a great engine to fit into your existing chassis package, but when the two elements come together, that’s when the lap times tumble and the opposition wonder how you did it. DTM POWER... that’s how!

More info: www.dtmpower.com

The Old Dairy Supercar Workshop, Lower Berrick Farm, Berrick Salome