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BRD is well known within the Motorsport industry for the credibility of its class leading simulator technology. For more than 18 years we have been researching, designing, developing and producing in house a constantly evolving range of Motorsport simulation tools. BRD develops simulators as tools to access racing and in the course of this process we have worked with and continue to work with a number of F1 teams and others to ensure that our solutions are the most realistic and effective possible. Since the beginning, our philosophy has been about realism and quality of the experience. It has never been about making fantasy fun systems but rather creating solutions that deliver a realistic racing experience because great racing is properly entertaining. Our focus on the reality of the experience means we have worked closely with most areas of motorsport, from F1 to karting, from NASCAR to dirt track racing, always collecting data and validating our simulator performance against the real world. In 2007 we formed teamBRD to compete in the Formula BMW UK Championship to help take a driver running at the back of the grid to top 10 using our simulator tools. This was valuable hands on experience of real world racing and the inner workings of team and series management. Furthermore we have always believed it is essential to control in house all aspects of the simulator development and production, both of hardware and software. The result is that we produce complete, seamlessly integrated solutions tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. Over the years BRD has produced numerous ‘one off’ custom simulators for clients around the world and continues to offer this complete bespoke simulator service to customers. In all these projects our focus is innovation delivering a unique cutting edge solution that suits the needs of the customer, whether that is for driver in the loop training and engineering or for state of the art PR and marketing activities.

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