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In 1967, BARC South West, the club that runs Gurston Down, staged it’s first speed hill climb here at Gurston Down. Gurston Down is now a multi award winning speed hill climb venue and one of the fastest in Britain. We have held over 300 meetings at the hill and stage nine events a year including two for the MSA British Hill Climb Championsip. We would not have been able maintain this continuity down the years without the wholehearted support and co-operation of the Gurston Down farm owners, the J Hitchings Partnership, to whom we are deeply indebted. What is Speed Hill Climbing About? The challenge of Speed Hill Climbing sounds simple. Drive or ride form a standing start to a flying finish in the shortest possible time. Cars and motorbikes (and sidecars too) are divided into categories and classes, so that similar cars (bikes) compete against each other. Each driver also has their own personal best time so not only do they race against other but themselves. The ultimate achievement for any driver or riders at an event is the “Fastest Time of the Day” or FTD. There are also class and course records too. Timing is done to the nearest one-hundredth of a second, a tiny amount, but one which can decide a class win – or indeed the championship! What is Gurston Down’s Course like? It’s fast! The course record produced an average speed of just over 85 mph and the fastest recorded speed over the finish is 159 mph. The course starts down-hill, dropping down to Hollow, where the fastest cars around doing around 120+ mph, round a sweeping left hander of Little Hollow and Hollow Bend, braking very hard in to the sharp and steep uphill section of Karousel. Speeds though Karousel are down to 25 mph. After the second right hand part of Karousel there is a short straight with a bump, Deer Leep where cars and bikes can get a little air, before the hard left hand corner of Ashes.. After Ashes, it’s up-hill again to the finish. SPECTATOR IMFORMATION: Spectators have great access to the course. There are plenty of viewing points from the start-line to passed Ashes bend. They also have full access to the paddock arears where cars, drivers, riders and bikes will be happy to chat and show you around their cars or bikes. Entry costs are: Event Days, £10 per adult, under 14s free, parking and paddock entry free. See the Event Calendar for full details. Test Day and our two practice days are £6 per adult, under 14s free, parka and paddock entry free. At present we can only accept cash on the gate. For those of you who come regularly, you should consider a Season Pass – these are £55 and offer a substantial saving over the daily entry price.

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