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We have been associated with Nimbus and Cirrus metal heat shield materials since 1999 still widely specified by most of the UK’s leading engineering companies and many around the world. Dissatisfaction with their performance has never occurred in all those years, so they must be good! If you have visited us in the past, you may be surprised that our professionally produced web site has disappeared. This was due to our inoffensive little site coming under attack by persons unknown hijacking it for phishing purposes and, instead of going after the perps, the wise owls of the internet destroyed our site. That’s like going to prison because your house was burgled. Anyway, if the pages shown in the Gallery section here are not good enough for your purposes, please contact me here or at and I will post you an actual paper copy! Just state which material you are interested in. To help with your decision, here is a brief summary of the material properties: Cirrus G3x is made from 2 sheets of aluminium coated steel with a ceramic inlay. It is the heaviest and the least malleable of the trio, commonly used in heavy duty applications such as railway rolling stock and commercial vehicles. Nimbus G2 is manufactured from 2 sheets of ‘O’ grade aluminium knitted together using the patented method also used for G3, it is very light and malleable, popular with both home builders and small manufacturing industry, particularly low volume car manufacture and military vehicles. Nimbus Lite is a reflective material used as much for appearance as function, it can be manipulated into any form of free standing shield as required, for example. It can deflect a significant amount of heat as shown in the tech spec sheet.

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