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Jemba is the sole world-wide distributor for Coralba , the leading producer of rally computers or odometers since the famous Halda disappeared from the market. Developed with the assistance of the WRC rally teams they are designed to be simple to use and work on any rally stage in the world, whatever the conditions. They work as good for a pro rally as for a TSD rally. The co-driver will perform his outmost with these tools. The electronics are the latest technology with surface mounted devices produced by an automatic production line. These factors ensure the best quality and reliability. The specially designed aluminium housing makes the instrument small and easy to install into your rally car. At the same time the weight is low as all electronics is put together into one compact unit. With twenty years of experience you can rely upon Jemba’s quality tested and proven instruments time after time. It is easy to understand why all World Rally Championship teams use our products to help them with their winning performances.

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