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Originally from Bristol, England, I am a child of the 70’s and spent my teenage years sketching away with these mad dreams of one day designing cars and race car graphics, listening to Bowie, Duran and Depeche…. Bristol was a great place to grow up, which as with any big UK city in the 70’s and 80’had its troubles and prejudices. Truth be told, I didn’t appreciate how great Bristol was until I left! The home of Massive Attack, Portishead and Bansky. A real creative hub. Fast forward via the Transport Design degree at Coventry University and the home counties to today, and we now live in Canada and I have been designing liveries and cars for almost 25 years. Still the same music choices though! I was always into cars. My bedroom was full of car posters, even on the ceiling. As I awoke as a kid, I was greeted be huge posters of Francois Cevert in his Tyrrell, Markuu Alen in his Fiat Mirafirori on the Acropolis and….. a poster of the Austin Allegro Equipe!…… Parents didn’t have quite a handle on car culture as I did. I was heavily into racing and rallying, buying Autosport and Autocar every week from the age of 9. Here I am in the driving seat of my god-father’s Ford Escort BDA rally car. I didn’t like school. I found it hard and in those days it was all about the exams, which I struggled with and not the coursework, which I did better with. Its simply awesome to see how much my daughter loves school. I was always interested in art, but it was only when I moved to a new secondary (high) School, Chew Valley School, I received some meaningful direction and support. My teacher was awesome and gave m direction into vehicle styling and product design. I also did well with Technical Drawing, so a plan was forming. I wrote over 100 letters to various people in the car design industry asking for advice. Just three replied, but they steered me in the right direction. In my spare time, I was drawing every day. Back in the day when print was popular, I entered a number of competitions in Renault’s owner magazine ‘AutoWorld’. I won three times and my parents were politely if I could give it a rest for a while! I also received my first commission from Marlboro, an illustration to celebrate Andrea de Cesaris’ career. I looked like a drowned rat because it had rained all day and we were camping!

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