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Robic Timers is the original source for the world's premier range of handheld timers, stopwatches, and assessment devices. Our products can be found at fine sports retailers and dealers world wide. You can find our products being used by Nascar, professional sports teams, High School athletics, Little League coaches, and people working on their personal fitness. We have been providing timing solutions for the world's most discerning customers for 30 years. Timers and Pedometers for Champions at Every Level since 1986. From backyards across America and the playgrounds of neighborhood schools around the world to the fields, courts and stadiums of World Champions and all points in between, Robic® is the best choice for those who seek to record and analyze performance with precision, reliability and versatility. You can have complete confidence in your selection of Robic®. We have been manufacturing and selling the world's finest handheld timers, stopwatches and pedometers since 1986. In that time, Robic® and Oslo® products have become recognized as the brands of choice for many millions of people seeking the best in quality and reliability for their timing needs. We are full line product specialists, expert in developing, engineering and supplying the world's finest and most comprehensive range of timing and performance measurement products. Other companies sell timers and pedometers as a part of their business. With us, it is our WHOLE business. Robic® and Oslo® products are sold exclusively through thousands of leading merchants across America and around the world. Whether basic or advanced, there is a Robic® or Oslo® product ideally suited to satisfy your timing, assessment or measurement needs.

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