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THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: In Paoli we have always loved dreaming big. Our history is the story of a small italian company that, full of hopes and projects, has been able to become a leading manufacturer for the Motorsport, Automotive and Industry fields. Paoli’s name is now synonymous with wheel guns and impact wrenches all over the world. Dino Paoli Srl proves that passion and hard work can make every desire reality: just throw your heart over the fence, and the rest will follow. MOTORSPORT: The determination to pursue new targets and the courage to walk never-traveled streets are the keys to Paoli’s success in the Motorsport world. The company continuously invests in research and educational training, in order to offer to the racing teams innovative solutions and wheel guns always fitted for the specific needs of the individual championships. We love to look forward and we know that the attention for the details makes the difference. AUTOMOTIVE: Dino Paoli Srl designs and sells impact wrenches for tires and mechanical workshops. The Formula 1 experience gives birth to models able to provide to the users the best available technology. The high quality service is the result of a people-based company policy. In Paoli everybody brings its own contribution: in terms of responsibility in the work cycle management, and in terms of reciprocity in the information and knowledge sharing. INDUSTRY: Dino Paoli Srl has developed a range of impact wrenches specifically designed for industry, mining environments and oil platforms. The individual skills and business intelligence enhancement has allowed Paoli to design the most efficient solutions for each application field. Our tools reliability and power are the result of the individuals contribution, of their intellectual value and of mutual partnership.

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