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Bosch Motorsport develops and manufactures motorsport electronics and motorsport components. As a part of the system development partner Bosch Engineering GmbH, we deliver our products to complete racing series and individual teams. For the DTM series, for example, we exclusively supply the engine control unit and the dashboard unit used in the cockpit since 2000. We are also the sole supplier of electrical and electronic components for Formula 3 and the U.S. Grand Am ex-racing series. Moreover, many teams competing in the Le Mans 24-hour race and numerous other races rely on our systems and components. We offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio for a variety of automobile and motorcycle applications. You benefit from the Bosch Group's systems expertise, as well as from its integration know-how as the world’s leading automotive suppliers. The Bosch Motorsport story began shortly after 1900 with the first major car race. The winning streak started in 1903 at the Gordon Bennett race with the 60-hp Mercedes Benz race car, equipped with a Bosch low-voltage magneto ignition. Another big moment, which preceded many others, came in 1954 when a Mercedes Benz 2.5-liter formula race car won the French Grand Prix using a Bosch mechanical direct gasoline injection system. This was the first time it had been used in motorsport. A few years later, in 1965, a breakerless transistor ignition system was used in races for the first time in the Porsche 906. Shortly afterwards, in 1968, came an experimental Antilock Braking System in the Porsche Bergspyder. At the start of the 1980s, Bosch combined the direct gasoline injection system and ignition system to create the Motronic electronic engine control system. This was refined for Formula 1, the result of which was the World Championship title in 1983 for Brabham BMW. From 2001 to 2005, all overall winners at the 24-hour Le Mans race were using the Motronic direct gasoline injection system. From 2006 to 2011, all winning vehicles were equipped with Bosch Common Rail Diesel injection systems and finally in 2012 the first Diesel-hybrid powered race car with technology from Bosch Motorsport. The teams that go to the starting line with Bosch Motorsport use the entire product and systems expertise of Bosch. They have access of he knowledge of he world’s biggest original equipment manufacturer.

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