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JK Motorsports, Inc. Is a new 4000sf. facility located in Fairfield, CT, which was built for the sole purpose of building horsepower through refinement. The company was founded and created in 1975 by Jerry Kozera. He is an ASE certified master technition of 35 years and a veteran drag racer and current sport compact and competition eleminator team owner/crew chief. Known as the “Carb King” – Jerry passed the driving torch down to his son Greg Kozera current driver an ASE master technition of 15 years. Greg holds 5 current world records in competition eleminator with the fastest V6 on the planet: 7.35 sec @ 178 MPH. As their high performance and racing careers progressed, it soon was a natural decision for the duo and and their professional staff to open their own facility that allowed them to apply their skills and talents to the high performance sports car market. Our professional staff is comprised of multiple key employees from the high performance arena that provide a unique depth of talent, skill, and craftsmanship that easly exceedes the level of professionalism commonly found in high performance tuners of today. Everyone at JK Motorsports is dedicated to providing you with the outstanding service and product performance that you deserve as a high performance auto enthusiast. In the future, if absolute professionalism, customer service and vehicle performance is what you seek, then give JK Motorsports a call today.

More info: www.jkmotorsports.net

500 Grasmere Avenue