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Farndon Engineering is a Coventry based Automotive Engineering company with vast experience in automotive precision engineering. Farndon are a world class racing and OEM crankshaft manufacturer. Farndon Engineering specialize in the manufacture of crankshafts, con-rods and flywheels for almost all petrol and diesel engine applications. We offer performance engine component manufacturing services from a one-off for Clubman Racing to scheduled batches for OEM’s. Farndon Engineering have worked with most of the top names in the business and have established a proud reputation for crankshaft, con-rod and flywheel quality and reliability. Farndon Engineering has vast experience in automotive precision engineering. Since the company began in the early 1960’s the business has worked with most of the top names in our field and has established a proud reputation for product quality and reliability. Supplying the autosport, classic, OEM and industrial engine markets worldwide, we have a reputation for being masters at manufacturing crankshafts, connecting rods and flywheels specifically to our customers needs, in batches of one upwards. Whatever your engine requirements, we can provide the components you want. From a one-off for Clubman Racing to scheduled batches for OEMs. We offer manufacturing for OEMs from initial prototypes and pre-production parts through to low volume production components. We manufacture product for this market from solid steel billet or machining of cast and forged components, either free issue or complete supply. We offer a design service based upon many years of experience supported by an extensive product database. A continuous investment and improvement programme has ensured the precision control required for our high performance product range. Our highly skilled workforce are dedicated to providing customers with the best product for their requirements, on schedule. Material selection is key to our final product performance and is considered carefully at the design stage. A knowledge of all the available materials is important to us, as is the need to keep pace with the machining, surface treatment and coating techniques required to produce the long lasting products which form the core of your engine. Our unparalleled product quality is matched by our highly professional customer service. At Farndon Engineering, achieving excellence in Customer Service is incorporated into the roles of every member of the workforce. We guarantee a fast and prompt response to all enquiries and orders.

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