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Hopkins motorsport is a family owned, funded and run business with deep roots in the racing world going back to 1984 when Reg started to compete in The European Truck racing championship. The team/family would compete across Europe being away from home for many weeks at a time, not only did they need to transport a race truck and the equipment required to run it they also needed living accommodation and catering facilities for the team. After a couple of European meetings with vastly expensive hotels and problems with feeding the team at the circuit etc the 1st transporter was built to move the truck equipment and sleep 10 people, without the savings achieved in the team budget from this we would not of been able to compete on the track to such a high level. In 1993 Reg’s eldest son Philip started to compete in Formula Ford at the age of 17 competing at Castle combe and Brands Hatch, after two meetings transporting the car on a basic closed car transporter the 1st 7.5ton rigid was built. In 1994 Philip enjoyed plenty of success at Castle Combe and also competing in the national Formula Ford championship winning the junior championship, a larger 18 ton truck was built for the campaign. In 1995 the Family team made the big step to British Formula 3 the 1st artic was built to accommodate the car and also living accommodation for the team. A pattern was now emerging with other teams wanting to purchase the transporter during the season this normally helped with the shortfall in budget! 1996 brought a highly competitive year in British Formula 3 and the build of 3 transporters during the season. 1997 Brought a tough move to British GT’s with a self developed Ultima the racing outlined different requirements from a transporter, 1998 brought a much more successful year to racing with the car competing at the front of the class amongst teams with far greater equipment unfortunately Philip broke both his legs during the season ending his carrer. When Philip graduated from his engineering degree at Bristol University in 1998, Reg & Philip decided they could combine the families experience gained building race transporters during their racing careers in the past decade and use the knowledge gained from his studies to form a company to build specialist racing vehicles. They started by converting second hand trailers and rigid trucks in what was previously the race workshops on the family business park, the company grew progressively from 2 people working in a 900sq ft building in 2000 to approximately 30 people working in 20,000sqft in 2010. In 2005 Philip’s younger Brother Oliver joined the family company after gaining knowledge of all areas of the business, today he can be found specialising in the electrical & hydraulic side of the company.

More info: http://www.hopkinsmotorsport.com

Sampson Business Park,Berwick Lane, Hallen