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Globally supporting customers with specialist Shot Peening solutions, Xylan coatings, Kephos coatings and Chemi-blacking. Sandwell UK Ltd is a highly professional company focused on specialist surface engineering solutions for top level clients. Specialist skills with excellent product knowledge in Shot Peening technologies and Surface Engineering are key to the company’s success. We are always pushing surface finishing boundaries with new innovative techniques, whilst always meeting our customers needs and expectations.Our surface engineering services include Shot peening, Controlled Shot peening, Bead Blasting, Satinising, Chemi Blacking, Super finishing and Advanced Super finishing. The Directors of Sandwell UK Ltd, Colin McGrory and Liz Slater, established the company in 1997 with the core values of providing consistently high quality processing combined with excellent customer service. These values have been motivational and a key to the continuing success of Sandwell and remain at the heart of the company.The means of achieving and sustaining those core values has involved the recruitment of a dedicated and skilled workforce. The investment in new staff and a continuous programme of staff development has allowed Sandwell to maintain both its high standards and expertise in recent advanced technology. Shot peening is the process of impacting materials with spherical media to impart energy to the surface of a component. The amount of stress imparted to the material is proportional to the amount of energy applied. Bead blasting is the process of either glass bead blasting or ceramic bead blasting at a surface to improve its general surface finish or to remove surface contaminates.Our satinising process employs a range of in-house media processes to produce the surface finish you require. Typically the process of gently blasting the surface with a glass bead media will enhance the finish of machined parts and produce a bright, non-glare and finely textured subtle surface finish.The Chemi Blacking process is most effective on most low and high alloy steels with the exception of high chrome austenitic and martensitic stainless steels. It produces a lustre finish dependent on base material condition that doesn’t significantly affect frictional properties.Our super finishing process is designed to refine and polish surfaces to enhance component performance. This is an engineered finish with the benefit of producing a low friction surface that reduces rolling resistance.

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