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Stack is a world-leading supplier of dashboard instruments, data acquisition, TPMS and video systems to motorsport and automotive customers worldwide. Stack's range of tachometers and gauges are designed for the maximum in reliability, robustness and quality delivering high performance competition performance and unwavering accuracy. Stack’s range of Clubman and PRO MPEG2 Digital Video-Loggers (DVLs) are the most robust available – now with built-in CAN enabling connection to displays and data-loggers. Stack’s batteryless TPMS completely re-defines tyre pressure and temperature monitoring in Motorsport. Stack is a leading global supplier of Instrumentation, Data Logging and Video-Logging solutions including integrated driver display, tachometers, (stand-alone or integrated) modular Data Logging systems, and powerful, easy-to-use DataPro analysis software. For over 30 years, Stack has been the world leader in motorsport dashboard and data logging technology. Stack's philosophy is to lead the way in using new technologies in innovative ways into all their product ranges to provide their customers with better products and to make them making them available to all levels of motorsport. Stack has supplied to thousands of competitors around the globe and across the full spectrum of racing series. In addition to supplying to virtually all of the top teams and constructors, we have also supplied to the Automotive Test Industry as well as to a number of low-volume vehicle manufacturers. These include Caterham, Westfield, Lotus, Yamaha, Honda and Koenigsegg, and in a number of cases we have designed bespoke dash displays specifically for a manufacturer. Stack is a world leading manufacturer of instrumentation, data and video logging systems, and wireless sensors for motorsport and many other harsh environments including automotive test, defence and aerospace markets. Our products are used extensively on vehicles where the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and product quality are demanded. We supply our products to customers worldwide. Our current range of products include tachometers, integrated driver display systems, stand-alone or integrated modular Data Logging systems and powerful, easy-to-use data analysis software. Video solutions include the award winning Stack Synchronized Video Analysis System, Video and Data Overlay, and the solid-state Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for use in harsh environments. Stack Data Logging systems are available from 4 to 128 channels, a full range of direct sensor interfaces and links to serial CANBus based ECU systems. New technologies include Telemetry; Wi-Fi and GPS solutions; Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems using wireless and battery less sensors and complete scrutineering systems for race organizers.Stack remains the number one supplier from track day enthusiasts to professional teams.

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